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3. Badgers Teams

In order to play Senior Adult League Hockey on a Saturday, players must have reached the age of 13 as a minimum requirement (League Rules). Therefore at Stone HC we run a Badgers Team that serve as a 'bridging' 11 aside format which also takes place on a Saturday. This is an excellent way to help prepare your child, ready for Adult Hockey when they reach 13 years of age (subject to SHC Selection Policies).

The format is targeted at children (generally) between the ages of 10 and 14 who play in a team of 11 players, which may include 1-2 adult players to guide the junior players during the match, to assist in their development as players

At Stone HC, our badgers take part in regular weekly matches against other local clubs' Badgers Teams from September through to April. Our team is known as Stone Eagles, who generally stay as the same squad throughout the season under the guidance and administration of our Badgers Team manager.